September 25, 2023

Prince George’s Community Television (CTV) is an award winning, non-profit cable access facility that serves as the media hub of information for Prince George’s County. CTV is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. CTV was formed in 1989 to promote the use of cable communications access channels. Our mission is to support the various media needs of residents, schools, civic groups, faith based organizations, as well as the County government.

CTV currently is responsible for the funding and operations of two access channels, 76 and 70 — the public and government access channels, respectively. These channels can also be seen on Verizon’s FIOS service on 42 and 41. CTV offers a progressive venue for Community access demands and event coverage, as well as comprehensive training courses.

Administrative Division
Sandra F. Peaches — Executive Director
Robert Barry — Operations Director
Onyinyechi Chuku — Project Manager/Community Relations Director

Production Division
David Barnes — Public Access Coordinator
Gina Bartee — Programming/Training Coordinator
Marcus White — Playback Technician
Chris Marks — Government Access Coordinator
Mohamed Cisse — Web Developer

News Department
Curtis Crutchfield — News Director
Katerra Jones Reporter
Ara Laughlin — Videographer
Chris Marks — Sports Reporter/Anchor
Chris Thomas — Sports Videographer
Patricia Villone — Anchor/Reporter
Genienne Samuels — News Reporter
Denise Douglas— Reporter
Keshia Butts — Reporter
Erika Cumber — Producer/Videographer
Sakina Dockett — Producer/Videographer
Byron Scott — Anchor/Reporter
Ara Laughlin — Videographer
Al Williams — Videographer
Andre Matthews — Videographer

Board of Directors
Patricia Thornton – President
Bernice Lowe – Vice-President
Janice Hatcher Liggins – Secretary
Dwight Talley – Treasurer
Sandra F. Peaches, Esq.- Executive Director
Shirley Anglin – Member
Nate Archey – Member
Rick Bryson, D.P.M. – Member
Karen Campbell – Member
Norma Dorsey – Member
Lenny Moses – Member
Barbara Tate – Member